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Welcome to All Paint and Carpentry’s website! We offer premier painting and carpentry services to homeowners in Fayette, Coweta, and surrounding counties. Our commitment to integrity, customer service, and communication ensures that we stand behind our quality workmanship. Contact us with any inquiries or concerns, and our skilled team will be happy to assist you. Thank you for considering All Paint and Carpentry!

At All Paint and Carpentry, we specialize in providing comprehensive exterior carpentry repair services that address a wide range of issues. Our skilled craftsmen are equipped to handle various elements in need of repair, including siding, fascia, soffits, deck boards, and rotted wood. Exterior carpentry repair encompasses a range of tasks to restore these elements’ integrity and aesthetics. If your wood, engineering wood, fiber cement, or cedar shake siding is damaged or deteriorated, our team can expertly replace the affected sections with new siding materials, ensuring a seamless and weather-resistant exterior for your property. Additionally, the fascia, a horizontal board beneath the edge of the roof, may require attention if it has become rotten or damaged. Our skilled carpenters can repair or replace fascia boards, safeguarding the structural integrity of the roofline. Similarly, soffits, the undersides of eaves, can be repaired to address rot or decay and maintain proper ventilation.

We can also remove and replace worn or rotted deck boards, enhancing both safety and aesthetics. Our professionals excel at identifying and repairing trouble spots and restoring strength and durability to the affected areas. Through meticulous repairs, we aim to extend the lifespan of your structure while enhancing its functionality and overall aesthetic appeal. Trust All Paint and Carpentry to deliver exceptional results for all your exterior carpentry repair needs.